“The Sassi of Matera: These two unique districts, Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano, are considered UNESCO heritage Piazza Vittorio Veneto: One of the main squares of the city The Cathedral: Located at the highest point of the city, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view Rock Church of Santa Maria de Idris: A church carved into the rock, rich in frescoes Cave House in the Sassi: A traditional house carved into the rock, which shows how the inhabitants of the Sassi lived Palombaro Lungo: An ancient water tank dug into the subsoil of Piazza Vittorio Veneto Tramontano Castle: An Aragonese-style castle with three cylindrical towers Belvedere of Piazzetta Pascoli: A panoramic point that offers a spectacular view of the Sassi Park of the Murgia Materana: A natural park with fascinating Neolithic sites and rock churches”


Gravina in Puglia: This town is definitely worth a visit. Its name comes from its geographical location, because it stands on the canyon-like rift in the earth, gravina in fact.

Altamura: Famous for its PDO bread, Altamura also offers the basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, commissioned by Frederick II, and a historic center full of surprises.

Bari: The Apulian city that captivates with its historic fishing village and lively atmosphere. A place where culinary tradition and centuries-old architecture come together in an unforgettable experience.